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When you decide to burn the tracks onto an mp3 or audio compact disc, don't forget to add this cover design for the finishing touch. Designs for both the cover of a cd case and for a disc label can be obtained in the pdf format. The process of adding that extra bit of style may require a bit of printing, cutting, and perhaps some glue, but the result is definitely worth the effort.

cover as pdf document

sticker as pdf document or as jpg image

Note that not all 23 songs will fit on a regular audio cd together. In this case one or two songs have to be omitted in order to keep the total playing time under 75 min. This off course is not an issue when creating a mp3-disc, a format that is supported by most modern cd-players.

All of the graphical design has been performed by digitally altering a graffiti and acryllic based painting. A picture of the original piece is available as a desktop image in my virtual gallery.

the songs cover design main art project contact